Sequel Sponsorship

CE is sponsoring Senior campers and volunteers who sign up for Access the Story’s Sequel. Find out more about Sequel here.


  • We want campers to continue their journey with Jesus by moving through God’s story
  • We want to see volunteers walk alongside campers for 3 months of coaching
  • Following Jesus isn’t meant to be done alone, and we know Sequel can encourage those who often miss out on Christian community – especially country campers and those from small churches
  • We want to honour and give recognition to the time and energy volunteers give to campers through coaching

What do you invest?

  • 3 months of your time (weekly clip + worksheet / 2 face-to-face coaching sessions / weekend retreat)
  • Campers $200
  • Volunteers $150

What sponsorship is available?

The CE State Board will contribute to the cost of Sequel for:

  • any country camper wanting to sign up ($50 each)
  • up to 10 campers who find themselves without and let us know in 50 words or less – maybe they’re without money or without community (eg from a small church with no youth group) ($50 each)
  • up to 10 volunteers who tell us in 50 words or less why they want to be a coach and why the money will help ($50 each)


Contact us with questions.