Sequel for Senior Camp

We know that it’s hard to follow Jesus alone. That’s why if you become a Christian, or live in the country, or simply want to pursue more of God after camp, CE wants to connect you with a coach.

Together you will engage in God’s story for 3 months after camp – through videos, worksheets, coaching sessions, and then close it all out with a weekend retreat.

Last year we linked 20+ campers and volunteers using Access the Story’s SEQUEL. We hope that in 2017 more campers will sign up as you choose to start the year off sinking into God’s story.
What participants have said –

“God’s story is more complex than I realised.” Leigh
“There were lots of questions that I had. It’s been really enlightening. It’s really helped me understand some of the stories and how God felt in some of those stories.” Chelsea
“It was really helpful to get into a pattern of reading my bible, which I was struggling with before.” Sam
“I’ve always known it, deep down, but I’ve just rediscovered the importance of having a relationship and taking that time. He’s amazing… He’s really there!” Sarah
“I’ve loved being brought back to engaging with God’s word as a story.” Tim

The CE State Board is sponsoring campers and leaders $50 towards the cost of SEQUEL if they –

  1. are from the country (150km+ away from Mount Barker) OR
  2. show financial need (tell us before 30 January, in 200 words or less, why $50 sponsorship would help you, email

If your $50 sponsorship has been approved simple pay $50 less of the total cost for Sequel and CE will cover the rest.