2011-12 Who’s your hero

December 2011 – January 2012

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Senior CE camp rolled into yet another year at Cornerstone College in Mount Barker and there were many opportunities to for 135 campers to grow in their understanding of the grace freely offered to us in Christ Jesus, and in faith in Him as Lord.

The theme for camp – ‘Who’s your hero?’ –  featured superhero imagery and games, while the talks by Tim Hawkins on Romans chapter 8 left no doubt that it is Jesus who is the hero.

Regular features were there again: Country versus City softball, Swine Time, the night hike, camp concert and the Watch Night Service – a chance to reflect and give God thanks and glory for the difference He makes in the lives of the young people.

In addition, close to $8,000 was raised to support two mission organizations: The Church Missionary Society (international) and the Copley Christian Fellowship (an indigenous community in country SA).

The faithful team of leaders, with many transitioning from campers to leaders, was a great witness and example to the campers in their maturity, love and servant hearted leadership.

God’s hand was evident in changing the lives of many, with a number having a genuine encounter with Christ Jesus and acknowledging Him as Lord for the first time. Praise God!