2013-14 The Amazing Grace

December 2013 – January 2014

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We continue to give God our thanks and praise for another awesome year of Senior CE Camp. This year we had a whopping 260 campers and leaders join us to explore the theme of “The Amazing Grace”, which makes it one of our biggest camps to date.

We welcomed back Travis Johnson to talk to us about the grace that God has lavished upon us, with both campers and leaders alike challenged by Travis’ talks as he helpfully walked us through the story of the Prodigal Son.

Small groups gave campers the opportunity to be challenged in their faith and to spur one another on. They were also able to further extend their knowledge by participating in electives, with topics ranging from Christian hospitality to the Gospel overview. God worked powerfully amongst our campers this year with many giving their life to Christ or recommitting themselves to their faith. Praise God!

While we continued to enjoy many traditional Senior CE Camp activities, such as the night hike and the camp concert, we were also excited to see a revamped version of the classic softball game that is played each year. The newly renamed “CE Ball” was a huge hit and brought about a new wave of friendly rivalry between our city and country campers. Our theme event, “The Amazing Race”, saw campers and leaders racing each other in a series of hilarious mini-challenges, which was a definite highlight of camp.

With camp completed for the year, we continue to give God praise for the way He so generously provided for us and for the work He carried out in the lives of so many young people. Please pray for those who attended, that they may continue to walk with the Lord and seek to grow in their understanding of Him.

Samara Zerner
on behalf of the Senior Camp Committee