2012-13 Searching

December 2012 – January 2013

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Travis Johnson used the campers’ Where’s Wally red and white stripes as a link to that truth that everything we are searching for can only be found in Christ. Over 130 campers were led by a large number of first time leaders.

Travis, himself once a CE camper, worked with youth in Baptist churches and now works for Youth Ministries Australia. He clearly articulated the message of the gospel, and added an interactive session with stations of the cross to consider the impact of the crucifixion and resurrection. Travis was approachable and helpful with both leaders and campers.

Approximately $10,000 was raised for mission from pledges and Camp Cop fines. This was split evenly between Youth For Christ and an orphanage in Cibu, Philippines – however, this orphanage has since shut, so that portion of money will be reallocated to a similar ministry.

The organizing committee (Jason Abbott, Grace Dickson, Brendan Routley, Chantelle Elliss, Kathryn Halyburton and Cameron Maxwell) worked extremely well together, and are thankful for the way God answered many prayers. A special thanks goes to Kathryn Halyburton who has since stepped down from the committee after four years of outstanding contribution to CE camp.