2015-2016 Timeless

On the 29th of December, 2015, 325 campers and leaders arrived at Cornerstone College in Mount Barker, for the 90th consecutive CE camp.

The campers represented a number of denominations from various churches in Adelaide. There were also 50 campers from regional areas in SA; the South East, Eyre Peninsula & the Mid North.

The theme was “Timeless”, getting it’s name from the ever popular show, Doctor Who, and throughout the week, campers engaged with speaker Dave MacGillivray, who spoke from the book of Acts.

The week also involved quiet times, worship, electives, an epic city vs country softball match, prayer meetings, small groups, a camp concert and welcoming in the new year with the watch night service. Amidst the fun and fellowship, however, God changed lives.

Here are just 7 stories I heard of how God moved throughout the five days of CE camp. There are so many more highlights and unwritten, untold stories. These are only a few. Please pray for them.

Ruby Dow

During CE, we spent the final hours of 2015 praising and worshiping God. I was given the opportunity to repent. For the first time in my life I told God I was sorry. When I go home I want to change.

I am 14. This was my first CE camp. I came on camp, thinking that because I go to a Christian school and attend a youth group, that I must have been a Christian. On CE, I realised that I wasn’t a Christian. My actions didn’t reflect the actions of the followers of Jesus around me. During the watch night service, I decided that I would try praying and reading the bible. If it works, then I’ll become a christian.

I belong to a country church, and while on CE, I felt encouraged to step up in leadership. God is using the connection and commitments I made at camp, to empower me to serve in my local country church context. I feel called to help my peers explore and meet together to discuss our faith.

I’ve been going to church since I was nine, and a few years ago I got baptised. I only came to CE camp because my youth pastor told me to, but I was so surprised. I’d never been on a camp like it. During the worship one day, I encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time. Never before has God felt so real to me. I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my dad.

Aside from my younger brother, there aren’t any youth in my church. Living in the country can be really lonely, so I was very excited when mum told me about CE camp because it meant I could meet other Christians my own age – what a privilege! I found CE so refreshing – imagine being in a small group with *seven* other people the same age as me! Imagine being able to talk about God with them! Imagine being surrounded by 300 Jesus lovers for five whole days! (There aren’t even that many people at my school!) Going home will be hard, but i can’t wait for next camp.

I’ve been coming to CE for years. It’s an annual tradition. I’m a leader and my expectations are always the same; that camp isn’t about my experiences, but about my campers’; that I’m here to point them to Jesus. I didn’t expect to fall even more deeply in love with God.

Throughout CE, the prayer room allowed me to engage with the material at different stations at my own pace. I loved being able to explore worship and prayer, and ponder God in a calming way where I could solely focus on Him.

CE is blessed to have gifted and committed volunteers who invest in camp throughout the year. Camp runs smoothly because of the time the committee puts in and campers and volunteers benefit because of it. Thanks to:

  • Oli (Director / WHS)
  • Grace (Administration)
  • Mel (Finance)
  • Martin (Events)
  • Dylan (Volunteer Manager)
  • Lorinda (Community Liaison)
  • Clifford (Logistics)