2014-15 Le’go of the World

December 2014 – January 2015

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Over 200 campers from 60+ churches let go of the world for 5 days and engaged in quiet times, sessions, small groups, CE ball, watch-night service, and camp concert.

Mike Stevens helped walked campers through the Sermon on the Mount and what it means to let go of the world.


I feel refreshed & ready to take on the year.



Seeing the youth grow was amazing & the passion of the youth was incredible. The leadership team was so supportive & fun.

first time volunteer


The number of country campers has been increasing steadily, with a large group coming from both the South East and the Eyre Peninsula this year.

Special thanks to each of the committee members who worked consistently throughout the year and served humbly on camp. The extra time and energy that the many volunteers put in during camp – behind the scenes and up front – is really valued.

  • Cameron Maxwell (Director)
  • Grace Dickson (Administration)
  • Mel Bartholomaeus (Finance)
  • Samara Zerner (Events)
  • Oli van Ruth (Volunteer Manager)
  • Liam Grosvenor (OH&S)
  • Lorinda Ginn (Community Liaison)
  • Jason Abbott (Projects)