When and where?

Every year, Senior CE Camp runs 29th Dec – 2nd Jan (the dates never change!). Volunteers are expected to be available from the 28th Dec for final training and set up, so that we are ready to go when campers arrive.

The camp is held at Cornerstone College, Mount Barker.

Why do it?

Volunteering to lead on Senior CE Camp gives you the chance to encourage, equip and empower over 200 high school-aged young people by helping them understand who Jesus is and what difference he makes to our lives.

If you are interested on leading on camp, please email senior.camp@CE.asn.au

Who is eligible?

You can apply to volunteer on Senior Camp if you follow Jesus, are active in a church community and are over 18 years of age.

There are a few checks and some training you need to do before being able to volunteer. Details of these are in the FAQ section.

Note: Experience in working with young people, whether this is voluntary or paid, is useful but not essential. CE exists to equip young people, so if you’re an emerging leader we are happy to support you develop your skills and will make sure you are well supported.

What will it look like?

Join our team of approximately 90 passionate volunteers from around South Australia. There are many ways you can serve on camp including as small group leaders, kitchen helpers, child-minders and more. If you have any creative ways in which you would like to help out, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Camp Costs:

Volunteers from country areas(more than 150km from Mount Barker) are eligible for a 50% discount.

Payment options

Payment can be made by credit card at the time of registration. To pay by direct debit:
BSB 325 185
Account Number 0354 8558
Account Name: Christian Endeavour Camps 2

Camp Promo

Want to share camp with others?

Here are the promo materials for this year’s camp!

download slide

download poster

watch promo video

These resources are made available under the Creative Commons license. You are free to copy, adapt and redistribute the material for personal use. We ask that you give appropriate credit, indicate if changes were made, and share alike.


Answers to common questions for leaders at Senior Camp.

What do I need to do to be able to volunteer?

In registering for camp, you will complete a volunteer application form, and will also need to provide:

  • Contact details for two references
  • A current Working with Children Check
  • Evidence of having completed an approved Safe Environments for Children and Young People training (within the past 3 years)

Do I need to do anything to prepare before camp?

The best thing you can do to prepare for camp is to pray for camp, and invest in your personal relationship with God.

We also recommend you attend the Launch Event and Leader’s Dinner:
Each year we run a Launch Event in which the camp theme is released and registrations are opened. It is always an encouraging time of fellowship as we bring our plans for the upcoming camp before our God together.
Get in touch if you want to find out more!
In the lead up to camp each year we also gather for a Leader’s Dinner. It is strongly encouraged that all volunteers (especially small group leaders) attend the Leader’s Dinner. Information for this event will be sent to you via email after your registration is approved.

What if I missed the Launch and the Leader’s Dinner?

That’s okay! All the information you need to lead will be provided on the 28th December, the first day of camp for volunteers.

How much support will I be given as a first-time leader?

CE exists to equip young people, including emerging leaders! We endeavour to provide as much support as possible by providing training opportunities before camp and ensuring that first-timers lead small groups alongside 1-2 experienced leaders wherever possible. During camp, pastoral care support is provided by the Volunteer Managers as needed.

What should I bring?

We will contact you about what to bring via email, once your registration has been approved.

Is it okay to contact campers after camp?

For those who volunteer on camp as small group leaders, you can help campers follow Jesus throughout the year, unless their parent or guardian has not given permission for you to do so. If in doubt, please get in contact with us by emailing senior.camp@ce.asn.au before contacting a camper.

Why does camp cost me money when I’m volunteering?

We ask volunteers to contribute to camp to help keep fees down for campers. If money is an issue, please consider asking your church to sponsor you.

Why do I need a Working with Children Check?

CE cares deeply about protecting children and young people. We want to reassure parents and guardians of their child’s safety, which is why any volunteer who has any contact with children or young people through CE programs is checked.

I have a Working with Children Check with another organisation. Can I use that?


How do I get a Working with Children’s Check?

Visit https://screening.sa.gov.au/applications/application-information-for-individuals.

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in contact with the Senior CE Camp Committee by emailing senior.camp@ce.asn.au.

Leader Resources

These resources are made available under the Creative Commons license. You are free to copy, adapt and redistribute the material for personal use. We ask that you give appropriate credit, indicate if changes were made, and share alike.

Preparing for Small Groups

As you work through the studies in preparation for camp, this reflective approach might give you deeper understanding. You may find it useful in partnership with the speaker’s notes and study questions.

View Preparing for Small Groups

The Basics of Small Groups

Why we believe small groups work, together with ideas on how to prepare and lead.

View Basics of Small Groups

Small Group Teaching Tools

Often we end up teaching or presenting material in the way that we most like to learn, which means some you people might switch off or be disengaged. Using a mix of these activities may help break up small group time and engage campers who learn in different ways.

View Small Group Teaching Tools

Get to Know You Games

A variety of games to us which may help campers get to know each other during small group time.

View Get to Know You Games

Ice breakers or Filler Games

A collection of short activities to help campers connect with each other, that can also be used to refocus a group which has become distracted or needs a break.

View Ice breakers or Filler Games

Reimagining Prayer

Different approaches to prayer that may help young people connect afresh with their God.

View Reimaging Prayer

2015/16 Snr Prayer Room

Practice what Jesus Preached

We hope you encourage young people to put what Jesus preached into practice. Find out about organisations which you could recommend to campers to help them grow and put their faith into action. There’s some there for you too!

View the 5 practices