Partner in Praise & Prayer for December 2014

Junior & Senior Camp

  • Thank God for successful training days and team BBQ’s
  • Pray campers arrive open to the Spirit shaping them
  • Pray first time campers would feel welcomed
  • Thank God for leaders to alongside and support campers – fill them with God’s love and wisdom as they prepare
  • Pray that final preparations go smoothly
  • Pray for protection and safety when travelling to camp and when on camp
  • Ask that the weather be not too hot and not too cold – but just right
  • Thank God for camp speakers and leaders and ask that they are filled with the Holy Spirit – that they may speak transforming truth into the lives of campers
  • Pray that campers know Jesus Christ as their Saviour
  • Ask God to bless partnerships with churches as follow up is done after camp

The Network

  • Ask God for volunteers to step forward as coaches as we pilot SEQUEL, a coaching program, in partnership with Access the Story
  • Ask God that campers who want to go deeper with Him will sign up to the SEQUEL
  • Pray that campers and leaders would be inspired to dream big with how they can do God’s work on earth and that people would apply for grants ($100 give away each month for Kingdom projects)
  • Bless country campers as they are given a $20 bookstall voucher

The State Board

  • Thank God for new members who help protect and promote the vision, beliefs and practices of SA Christian Endeavour, pray for continual growth
  • Pray for new Board Members to rebuild and guide SA Christian Endeavour, for Christ and the Church