2012 – TV Studio F.I.R.E. 3

January 2012

What do television programs and God’s Holy Spirit have in common?  They both move through the world invisibly and constantly, and they together formed the theme of CE-SU Kids Camp 2012.

‘TV Studio F.I.R.E. 3’, featured sensational host ‘Dazzling Dave’, his co-host and news anchor ‘Carol’, a house band and also a temperamental time-travelling tunnel!

Live sessions were viewed on ‘live TV’.  The time-tunnel was used to send journalist ‘Roving Mike’ to report on the events recorded in the book of Acts and to bring key people back for in-studio interviews.  The audience saw Bible events played out (using the Visual Bible’s “Book of Acts” movie) and then heard the happenings explained by the characters themselves! The audience sent went ‘back to the primary source’ (the Bible), and to investigate more ideas in small groups.

Campers discovered that the Holy Spirit teaches, strengthens, helps in prayer, gives gifts and fruits, and is God’s presence with us.

All the other usual elements of camp were enjoyed to their fullest by the 70 campers: missions night (special thanks to the Paschke family for giving insight into Vanuatu), sports and crafts, food, all-in activities, camp concert, and the joy of making friends with other Christians from around SA.

A special acknowledgement to leaders who completed ‘Youth Leadership Week’, they were well equipped for the task. We thank and honor returning leaders and Kevin and Raelene Hull (outgoing Director and Head Chef) for their godly service.