2014 – The Quest

January 2014

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Another start to the New Year brought another wonderful Kids’ camp. Ninety from across South Australia met together at Cornerstone College to explore the Kings of Israel, and Jesus as the ultimate king in this year’s theme – “The Quest”.

The hilarious drama team led us through a knockoff of “This is Your Life”, featuring celebrities such as Samuel, David, Solomon and the ever hard to pronounce “Mephiboseth”. Steve Stokes from AOC journeyed us through an overview of the Bible, always engaging the kids with animated stories and the occasional magic trick.

The Mission Night this year, led by Mel Foley, explored the country of the Philippines. The children enjoyed learning about the culture, some language, what it looks like to worship our God in a completely different country, and a disaster scene simulation where children had the opportunity to learn about the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in a memorable and hands-on way.

It was wonderful to see children responding to the gospel during the Challenge Night and “Up Late with God”. Several of the campers made a commitment to follow Jesus for the first time in their lives, with many more making a recommitment. We praise God that his spirit was at work.

We are also thankful for a gifted and mature leadership team with many new faces this year. I’m looking forward to another great camp in 2015.

Grace and peace,
Samuel Pryor (on behalf of the Junior Camp Committee)