2013 – Egyptian Adventure

January 2013

Junior Past Camp 2013 The professor unearths Joseph's storyWith temperatures soaring over 40 it felt like we’d actually travelled to the desert rather than to Mt Barker. Each day the professor and his assistant explored an archaeological dig site and found a variety of ancient items connected to the story of Joseph, son of Jacob (Genesis 37 – 47). As we unearthed Joseph’s story we also looked at stories from Jesus’ life or stories that Jesus told.

Junior Past Camp 2013 small groupA highlight was ‘Kids Camp’s Got Talent’ – singers, musicians, a juggler and plenty of comedians! Campers also enjoyed crafts, sports and free time, while missionaries to Egypt shared on ‘Mission Night’. A highlight for leaders was the significant conversations with campers and their response to the good news that God shows us mercy by sending Jesus to set us free from our sin.

Campers’ feedback was strongly centred on Joseph, Jesus and God – ‘how great God is’, ‘how God loves us and forgives us no matter what’ and that ‘we can always rely on God’.

At camp we also celebrated the 10th year of involvement for a number of our key leaders – Brooke Derrington (small group leader); Kaye Evans and Julie Hill (administration); and Steve Stokes (OAC story teller, techie and pastoral carer). Many thanks to everyone who helped make Kids Camp a smoothly-run, fun and faith-filled, excellent Egyptian adventure for all participants.