2015 – Superheroes

January 2015

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Close to 100 campers transformed from Clark Kent to Superman, cramming in games, sports, songs, arts, dramas and all the other regular camp activities.

Steve Stokes helped campers explore heroes of the bible; from the bravest to the most unlikely. Campers came away knowing they can be a hero on God’s team.


“I enjoyed learning about God so I can grow in Him.”

– camper


“I felt like I had let God in & I want to keep Him in my life.”

– camper


It’s exciting to see more campers coming each year, and especially a large group coming from the country. A big thanks to the Camp Committee and all on camp volunteers for serving campers and showing them a God who loves them.

  • Kevin Hull (co-Director)
  • Samuel Pryor (co-Director & Community Liaison)
  • Kaye Evans (Administration)
  • Eliza Camac (Finance)
  • Rachel Harbinson (Events)
  • Dan Lee (Volunteer Manager)
  • Dee Kenyon (OH&S)
  • Jess Evans (Community Liaison)