Junior CE Camp

Junior CE Camp is all about giving young people a genuine encounter with Jesus through worship, small groups, games and craft! This camp is for all kids who were in years 4 – 6 in 2023, regardless of church background.

Our leaders come from a range of churches and denominational backgrounds, all with heart to see the youth of South Australia come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Camp is currently at capacity until more leaders register. Please register for the waiting list and you will be informed in the event of a spot opens up for camp.

If you or someone else you know would like to lead so that we can open more opportunities for campers you can find out more here.

Register for the waiting list

Please email if you have any registration enquiries.

Camp Costs

Register & pay by Early Bird Payment for CE Camp

Early Bird

Register by Oct 31
Standard Payment for CE Camp


Register by Nov 30
Late Goose Payment for CE Camp

Late Goose

Register by Dec 11
Camp Cost $250 $270 $280

Payment options

Payment can be made via Credit Card upon registration or via direct debit (BSB 325 185, Account Number 0354 8557, Account Name: Christian Endeavour Camps 1)

Discounts are available for siblings and for campers from the country (more than 150km from Mount Barker).

We don’t want anyone to miss out on camp because of money. Contact us for further discounts if costs are genuinely prohibitive.

Promo Materials

Want to share camp with others?

Here are the promo materials for this year’s camp!

download slide

download poster

These resources are made available under the Creative Commons license. You are free to copy, adapt and redistribute the material for personal use. We ask that you give appropriate credit, indicate if changes were made, and share alike.


I’m interested in Jesus, but not sure I believe in Him. Can I come on camp?

Definitely! You’re welcome no matter what you believe, plus camp is a great place to find out more about Jesus.

Where will I be sleeping?

You’ll be sleeping on the floor in classrooms so make sure you bring a comfy, single mattress! You’ll be sharing the space with the people in your small group of the same gender.

What extra safety precautions will be taken in light of COVID-19?

  • All organised activities will allow for social distancing requirements, including meal times and sleeping arrangements.
  • Cleaning will also be stepped up, with deep cleans happening before, during and after all camps this year.
  • Plenty of hand sanitiser will be available and camp culture will include proper hand hygiene.

Who will I be in a small group with?

Small groups are made up of young people of your gender and age.

Familiar faces help you feel comfortable. On your camp form you can let us know who you’d like to be in group with, and we’ll do our best to make this happen.

Can I make phone calls?

If you need to make a phone call, please report to Admin. Family can contact the Camp Admin on the number provided on the registration form.

What can I expect to learn?

We hope you’ll learn more about a God who loves you.

We hope you’ll learn that God loves everyone.

We hope you’ll learn what it means to put that love into action.

What happens if CE Camp sells out?

If the camp that your child desires to attend is already at maximum capacity, they can register to join the waiting list (you will only need to pay when your child is accepted on camp).

In the eventuality that restrictions are loosened or a place becomes available, we will appropriately extend the numbers we can take this year and begin accepting campers from the top of the waiting list.

Who runs camp?

Junior CE Camp leaders are volunteers come from many different churches from different denominations all around South Australia. There is a Junior Camp Committee who coordinates camp and the volunteers who come on camp. You can head to our CE Leadership page if you would like to find out who is on this year’s committee.

What training, experiences and checks do volunteers go through to work with my child?

All volunteers show an active involvement in a local Church community. We use a detailed leadership application form requiring two referees. This informs us of their experience and helps us gauge their suitability for camp.

Your child’s safety is important to us, which is why volunteers who have contact with children or young people through CE programs to have a Working with Children Check.

All volunteers complete Safe Environments Training and attend a training day prior to camp.

How is my child cared for on camp?

Your child’s Small Group Leader is their main support during camp. Small Groups spend a lot of time together – meal times, discussion time and some activities. This means their leader gets to know them well and are nearby if your child needs them.

Leaders are supported by the Volunteer Manager and Camp Director.

Can you accommodate children with special needs?

CE hopes to be as inclusive as we can with all potential campers.
Please contact the Junior Camp Director as early as possible to see how we might accommodate your child’s particular needs.

My child has to take medication each day. How is this managed?

All medications are collected at the start of camp and the distribution of medication is supervised by a First Aid Officer.

What if my child gets sick or injured on camp?

There is a first aid officer who will care for your child if they get sick. They are supported by other volunteers with First Aid Training for Schools and Centres.

In the event of an emergency we will contact you and follow the procedure as stated on the consent form.

How do I reach my child if I need to contact them in an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, please use the number provided on the camp confirmation letter.

Will volunteers contact my child after camp?

CE will only contact your child if you’ve said we can when you register.

We’d love to be able to keep your child up to date about future camps and other news and events.

If it’s ok with you, we’d also like to be able to help your child follow Jesus throughout the year.

Please contact us if you have any questions about volunteers contacting your child.

What else does CE do?

When you’re too old for Junior Camp you can head to Senior Camp.

When you’re too old for Senior Camp you can apply to be a volunteer at a CE camp.

I’ve got more questions!

If we haven’t answered your question get in touch with us.

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  • 2021

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  • 2020

    Tammy Tolman // 1 Cor 12

  • 2019

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  • 2018

    Steve Stokes // The Beatitudes

  • 2017

    Travis Johnson // God's Story

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