Become a Member

What is CE?

South Australia Christian Endeavour Union Incorporated (CE) is made up of a group of Christians who are want to see a movement of young people committed to Christ, equipped by Christ and active for Christ in all aspects of life.

CE is a legal entity with a written constitution, governed by board members who are responsible for the organisation’s governance, policy, direction and vision.

Becoming a member means you play an important role in running CE by governing our incorporated body throughout your renewable three year terms.

Members protect the vision, beliefs and practices of CE by attending and participating at our members’ meetings.

Members make informed decisions about CE’s activities in meetings as required.

Members elect the board members who guide the direction of CE, and hold the board accountable to the constitution.

What is membership?

What’s in it?

What’s in it for you?

Reconnect, and stay connected, with like-minded people who are committed to CE’s practices of renewal, worship, action, community and mission.

Have a voice in the decision making process by having voting rights.

Be eligible to serve on a committee (Junior Camp or Senior Camp).

Be eligible to be nominated and elected to the State Board.

What will it cost me?

The current annual members fee has been set at AUD$10.00.


How to Join

How do I become a member?

Firstly, pray about whether this is something for you. If you are passionate about protecting and promoting the vision, beliefs and practices of CE we would appreciate you making the commitment to become a member.

Complete the Membership Application Form online, or print and post it.

Contact the Board Secretary for more information.