Leadership Conference

CE Leadership Conference

Encouraging and Equipping a generation of CE Leaders to serve Christ and His Church.

2020 has been a year like no other. Yet we believe God continues to work in this world! Despite all that has happened and the different restrictions, our heart for his mission hasn’t changed one bit. We want to see as many young people as possible encounter Christ Jesus and be encouraged and equipped to serve him wholeheartedly.

Since we have to limit our CE Camp capacity, our leadership team on CE Camp is going to be a lot smaller.

We believe this restriction is not a limitation but an opportunity! With a vision of generational impact, we want to take our volunteers, leaders, and new leaders aside for a two day conference to encourage and equip you, pooling from the best of our CE Networks and drawing on a hundred years of CE culture and tradition. We believe this will serve Christ and the church as you receive excellent teaching and leadership equipping and we hope will give momentum to the CE mission for future CE camps for years to come.

Join us! CE leadership conference will run on the 28th-29th of December at Hills Baptist Aldgate, 10am-10pm each day. Cost is $50 including lunch and dinner.

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