Help a Copley Camper

One of the many beautiful things about CE Camps is the opportunity for country and city campers to come together and worship, grow and encourage each other.

Over the last couple of years, CE has developed a relationship with a small Aboriginal community in the Far North around a town called Copley. We have seen God do amazing things and are thankful for the massive increase in the number of children and youth from Copley and wider areas wanting to attend CE Camps. However, it is a very expensive exercise to get these campers to camp – not just with the camp fees themselves, but also with transport costs.

Would you consider supporting the Copley Community with sending their young people to Junior and Senior Camps? All monies raised will go towards the camper and transport fees of the Copley Community. If we raise more than is needed, we will put this money towards our local camp mission, the ministry of Pastor Apollos and the Copley Christian Fellowship.