Celebrating CE

The Christian Endeavour community thanks a faithful God and celebrated what He is doing through CE in South Australia at their Annual General meeting on Saturday 9 May, 2015. Thank you to the CE members who attended and played an active role in protecting and promoting the vision, beliefs and values of the organisation.

Worshipping across generations and denominations is always a blessing, and as we bathed CE in prayer for the coming year God’s faithfulness to past and future generations was evident.

The membership welcomed Grace Dickson as State Secretary. Having been involved in Senior Camp since 2004 she loves that what she does behind the scenes means that others are released to serve God’s people without having to worry about the nitty gritty details. The Board is certainly blessed (and very thankful!) to have Grace join them.

If you were unable to join us you can find news from teams here, and the finances here (pics and pie charts included).

Lastly, a note from Joan Moulton – a past Junior Camp volunteer and past Board member, who currently meets with the Senior Grade. She sums up well the feeling of all who attended.


The CE Seniors were delighted and so thankful to God, to read and hear so much more of all you are doing…or rather all He is doing through you all.


We send our love and thanks to God for all your talents and time and energy and inspiration that is enriching the lives of so many young people and their families too. May He continue to richly bless each one as you all walk with Him.


Joan Moulton

(past Junior Camp volunteer and past Board Member)