CE Leadership

How is CE Organised?

SA Christian Endeavour is run by a voluntary Board.

The board is responsible for the oversight of Junior CE Camp and Senior CE Camp, as well as associated activities.

The Board comprises of a maximum of 8 board members including Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, who must each be members of the CE.

The Board controls funding of camps, investments and other activities as required. They also organise an Annual General Meeting for its members, usually in May.

If you are interested finding out more about the way CE South Australia is organised view our constitution.

  • Rich


  • Dan


  • Grace


  • Dave

  • Rachel

  • Lorinda

  • Dylan

Junior Camp Committee

The team, represented by group of Christians from a range of churches around the state, works to ensure that camp is runs smoothly and safely.

The team are currently looking for a few new members. If you are interested, please get in touch with us!

Contact us with any questions

Junior Camp Committee

  • John


  • Jessica

    Programme Coordinator

  • Emma


  • Mav


  • Larissa


  • Kristen


  • Chloe


  • James

    Stakeholder Engagement

  • Administrator

    Coming Soon

Senior Camp Committee

Senior CE Camp is organised by a team of Christians from a diverse range of background from throughout South Australia. This team works together to ensure that camp runs smoothly and safely.

Contact us with any questions

Senior Camp Committee

  • Lokki


  • Indi


  • Jonny & Bron

    Volunteer Managers - SGL

  • Sarah

    Volunteer Manager - Aux

  • Tim

    Programme Coordinator

  • Cliff

    Logistics Manager

  • Tom


  • Sal

    Media Coordinator

  • Grace

    Finance Officer

  • Ruben

    Compliance Officer

  • Vineeth

    Stakeholder Engagement

  • Bec

    Social Media