Stepping into God’s story

sequel-cohort2-1038x576We love that over 20 CE-ers spent the first 3 months of the year sinking into God’s story through AccesstheStory‘s Sequel.

People from Arno Bay, the South East and interstate (oh, and Adelaide!) stepped – sat – walked – and spoke out God’s story through mixed media, coaching sessions and a retreat.

Pray with us. Ask God to –

  • keep filling people with a hunger to know more of Him
  • encourage people to go where Jesus goes … as they discover just where that is while reading His story
  • bless AccesstheStory as they invite people to engage with a God who loves them

Hear what the participants and coaches have to say.

And start thinking about whether that’s how you want to start 2017.


Sequel Sponsorship

CE is sponsoring Senior campers and volunteers who sign up for Access the Story’s Sequel. Find out more about Sequel here.


  • We want campers to continue their journey with Jesus by moving through God’s story
  • We want to see volunteers walk alongside campers for 3 months of coaching
  • Following Jesus isn’t meant to be done alone, and we know Sequel can encourage those who often miss out on Christian community – especially country campers and those from small churches
  • We want to honour and give recognition to the time and energy volunteers give to campers through coaching

What do you invest?

  • 3 months of your time (weekly clip + worksheet / 2 face-to-face coaching sessions / weekend retreat)
  • Campers $200
  • Volunteers $150

What sponsorship is available?

The CE State Board will contribute to the cost of Sequel for:

  • any country camper wanting to sign up ($50 each)
  • up to 10 campers who find themselves without and let us know in 50 words or less – maybe they’re without money or without community (eg from a small church with no youth group) ($50 each)
  • up to 10 volunteers who tell us in 50 words or less why they want to be a coach and why the money will help ($50 each)


Contact us with questions.

Join the SEQUEL

Campers can step off camp with a coach to help them follow Jesus all year round.

We’re partnering with Access the Story again to give campers the chance to have 3 months of coaching. They’ll move through God’s story by engaging in a mix of online responses, coaching sessions and a retreat.

We’re looking for volunteers who are you willing to invest in a camper’s life. If that’s you, register as a coach.

Contact the CE Network who can help cover some costs.

After camp experience

SA Christian Endeavour has partnered with Access the Story to pilot sequel – an after camp experience to give campers the chance to keep exploring God’s story.

3 coaches and 4 campers are involved in the pilot this year. Pray that they know of a God who loves them and that He shows them more of what it means to follow Him with everything they have.

We look forward to hearing their story.


To help Senior Campers follow Jesus after camp the CE Network is excited to be partnering with Access the Story to pilot a new initiative – “SEQUEL“.

Senior CE Camp will invite campers to be involved in an easy-access 3 month process which will see them take the next step in following Jesus which will encourage them to go deeper into God’s story through a range of clips, coaching sessions and a retreat.

Volunteers will be screened and trained so they are well prepared to be a coach, “one who carries another through”. Find out more about the role of coaches, or sign up as a coach.

Click below to find out more.


Partner in Praise & Prayer for December 2014

Junior & Senior Camp

  • Thank God for successful training days and team BBQ’s
  • Pray campers arrive open to the Spirit shaping them
  • Pray first time campers would feel welcomed
  • Thank God for leaders to alongside and support campers – fill them with God’s love and wisdom as they prepare
  • Pray that final preparations go smoothly
  • Pray for protection and safety when travelling to camp and when on camp
  • Ask that the weather be not too hot and not too cold – but just right
  • Thank God for camp speakers and leaders and ask that they are filled with the Holy Spirit – that they may speak transforming truth into the lives of campers
  • Pray that campers know Jesus Christ as their Saviour
  • Ask God to bless partnerships with churches as follow up is done after camp

The Network

  • Ask God for volunteers to step forward as coaches as we pilot SEQUEL, a coaching program, in partnership with Access the Story
  • Ask God that campers who want to go deeper with Him will sign up to the SEQUEL
  • Pray that campers and leaders would be inspired to dream big with how they can do God’s work on earth and that people would apply for grants ($100 give away each month for Kingdom projects)
  • Bless country campers as they are given a $20 bookstall voucher

The State Board

  • Thank God for new members who help protect and promote the vision, beliefs and practices of SA Christian Endeavour, pray for continual growth
  • Pray for new Board Members to rebuild and guide SA Christian Endeavour, for Christ and the Church

2014 AGM

Our 2014 AGM brought 35 people together from around the state, and from varied generations and denominations, all eager to hear what happened in 2013 for CE.

Find out about the year that was by reading the 2013-14 Annual Report.

We hope that CE continues to inspire SA’s young people to follow Jesus for another 126 years which is why we are eager to more people become members to help shape CE’s future in South Australia.

The Board is also seeking members to guide the organisation. Please contact the State Chair, Jessica Routley, for more information.


Partner in Praise & Prayer for March 2014

  • Thank God for new members who help protect and promote the vision, beliefs and practices of SA Christian Endeavour, pray for continual growth
  • Pray for new Board Members to rebuild and guide SA Christian Endeavour, for Christ and the Church
  • Thank God for a Junior Camp theme (Superheroes), the return of Steve Stokes as speaker, a new Camp Committee member, and a willing hospitality team
  • Ask that God will soon raise up and confirm a Junior Camp Director of His choosing
  • Thank God for new people joining the CE Network team. Ask that God will continue to grow this team so that they can move forward with the Mentoring Program
  • Ask that God will show the CE Network team useful ways to support country campers, particularly those in the Eyre Peninsula