A Scholarship for Nicole


As a Pastoral Care Worker Nicole was asked to complete a 2 day course on Counselling, run by Tim Dansie Pyschology. The course equipped her to further support students through grief, trauma and social development.

Nicole move to Naracoorte just over 2 years ago and is currently:

  • the Primary Support Worker at Naracoorte North Primary School
  • the Youth Pastor at the Uniting Church
  • co-ordinates a team of people for Kids’ Alive, a kids club
  • the Director of the South East Regional Youth Gatherings
  • team member at the South Easter Regional Easter Camp
  • led on her fourth Senior Camp, and in 2016 volunteered on Junior Camp for the first time

Nicole clearly loves God, and listens when he speaks, because even thought she isn’t keen on study she has complete a Certificate 4 in Youth Work through Tabor College, and is studying a Bachelor of Ministry through Uniting College of Leadership and Theology.

During 2013 I participated in the Country Focus project to the South East. During this experience I clearly understood that God was definitely calling me to the country. I moved away from home – my church, my friends, my study, my family – to follow Jesus more deeply and be obedient to the call God has placed on my life.
God used CE camp to show me country youth ministry as a possibility and God has used the CE community to sustain and support me through the last 2 years of my ministry.

We love that CE has helped Nicole to go where Jesus goes, even if it means leaving family, friends and church behind. And we know that God will continue to use Nicole to be love and light, because where He goes she follows.

It’s pretty obvious to us that the skills Nicole gained at the counselling course will be used in wide range of places and will benefit a range of people. We like that. At her course she –

  • learnt about a model of counselling and listening to people which empowers the individual to find their own answers in the supportive environment
  • practised these skills with others, gaining confidence
  • was encouraged as she gathered with others who work in counselling, wellbeing and support staff roles around the state

If you are a PCW, or have a role in a school with young people, this course was really helpful in helping provide knowledge and develop confidence in how you relate to people and what you ask and listen to during a pastoral conversation.

The CE scholarship made it possible for me to gain extra skills which will help me in lifelong service and ministry to young people and those who need pastoral care.  I would encourage others to apply because you are developing skills which will not only benefit yourself but also those you come into contact with. 

Pray with us. That God would:

  • bless Nicole with meaningful conversations with the young people she connects with through school, camps, kids club and youth group
  • renew the young people in and through what Nicole shares with them
  • continue to grow Nicole’s pastoral care skills
  • keep building a team around Nicole’s ministry so that she has the support and energy to continue to put His love into action throughout her community